How I Knew I Was an Empath

As a kid, I was always told I was too sensitive. That I needed to toughen up and not take things so seriously. I can remember crying every year on the first day of school because I felt so overwhelmed by all of the energy I was absorbing from the other nervous kids.

Walking through the hallways for me was like walking through thick fog. I couldn’t focus and I couldn’t see. As I got older, add on teenage emotions and hormones, and I was not a good person to be around. I was angry all of the time. I felt like a live wire.

It wasn’t until my 20’s when I ever heard the word Empath. At the time, I still didn’t really understand what it meant. It was almost like saying I’m left-handed. It was just a term. I didn’t think anything of it and I didn’t really explore it. I continued as I was. Absorbing the energies of everyone around me. Not dealing with my emotions. Smoking cigarettes and eating crappy food as a form of medicine.

I don’t think I really knew what it meant to be an Empath until I started my business two years ago. When I finally branched out on my own and pretty much had to do everything on my own, did I understand how much energy I was taking on.


I’d just finished taking a VA intensive course. It outlined how to start your own VA business and took you through the steps of getting your first client. I’ve talked about this before, but it involved a lot of cold emails, joining FB groups, and using every possible platform to put myself out there. By the end of each day, I was left drained, unmotivated, anxious, and depressed.


I thought, “is this what it really takes to run your own business?”


My confidence dipped and I didn’t know what to do. I had a handful of clients, but I was barely able to pay my bills. Months went by where I was kind of stuck in limbo on what to do next. Do I keep doing what I’m doing or do I go back to an office job and give up my dream of working for myself?

I ended up seeing an ad for an Instagram course and since I knew I loved the platform and I spent most of my time here anyway, I thought maybe that could be what I needed. So with money I didn’t have (yes, I charged it to a credit card) I signed up for the course.

This is the part where I tell you that class changed my life. But guess what, it didn’t. I took the course, went through all the modules, took massive notes. And you know what I did after that? Nothing. The notes sat there and I barely took any action and then got mad when nothing changed.



I gave up and started looking for office work. I’d found a temp job basically doing the same thing I was doing before and I was miserable from the moment I started my car and had to sit in traffic for an hour on the way there.

I was only there for a week, but in that week’s time, I read books about being an Empath, I went on Google, I started following every Empath account on Instagram. That’s when I truly began to understand what it meant to be an Empath. I started following coaches, signing up for their mailing lists, getting every possible free resource I could get.

They preached about thriving as a high feeling business owner. They talked about how they used their gifts as their super powers and I knew I wanted that too. So, in between training and making copies at my temp job, I started writing out the modules for The Virtual Instagram Crash Course for Empaths.

And then? I started working through them. I began meditating like it was my job. I stopped hiding from myself and from the world and started showing my personality online. I broke down my money mind blocks and my success mind blocks to figure out why I felt like I couldn’t succeed.


Because it wasn’t the tactics and techniques that needed to change, it was me.


I’m a hard worker that was raised by a hard worker. I know what it means to hustle and take pride in the product that I’m putting out. I knew I had a great idea for a course but until I knew that my story needed to be heard and that I deserved to live abundantly and successfully did everything change.

I began to hear from other Empaths that were struggling the same way that I was and that’s when I knew I had to keep going.