About me

My journey to becoming an empowered empath

My name is Layla Griffin, creator/owner/CEO (insert amazing, badass title here) of The Herbal Empath. My working career up until this point was spent sitting at a desk between 40 and 60 hours a week working as a Billing Supervisor. I spent the last 15 or so years working myself to the bone, never getting my birthday off, and basically being miserable. Despite the mental and physical drain, I convinced myself that I was in a good place and that I’d stay at that job for the rest of my career. But, as it usually happens, God and the Universe had other plans. At the end of 2017, I took a huge risk and said goodbye to my full-time job. That also meant saying goodbye to stability and a steady income. That was definitely an uncomfortable place to be!

After leaving my job, I studied to become a Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager. As I was trying to get clients and put myself out there to gain traction, I felt like there was something missing. I felt uncomfortable “selling” myself on social media, making cold calls, and sending cold emails. The more I did it, the more uncomfortable I felt.

At the time, I was slowly learning about what it meant to be an Empath in my personal world, and it started to dawn on me that those same traits affect how I show up in my business. Because of our superpower sensitivity, Empaths, Highly Sensitive People (and even Introverts) navigate the world, and therefore social media, differently than everyone else. We do our best when we guard our energy first and set clear boundaries about the information and energy we absorb.

It’s my goal to arm high feeling biz owners like myself with the tools to really thrive in their businesses and on social media. Whether that’s showing up on video in IG stories, being vulnerable in captions, or getting past the mindset blocks that keep us all stuck in survival mode, not realizing it’s time for us to thrive!

Layla Griffin - The Herbal Empath



Are you an empath, hsp, or introvert?

Even though each group shares similar traits, there are differences in how they all move through the world.

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3 ways to use your sensitivity to attract your dream client

Attracting you dream client can seem like a daunting process, but you chose this journey for a reason. Your sensitivity is your superpower and your dream client is out there waiting for your message.

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